By Michele Dotson

Police Chief Tim Ledford congratulates the Police Officer of the Year, praising his professionalism and initiative.

Police Chief Tim Ledford congratulates the Police Officer of the Year, praising his professionalism and initiative.

Cpl. Billy Gilman was named Mint Hill Police Officer of the Year, for the second consecutive year, at the Thursday, January 9 commissioners meeting at Mint Hill Town Hall. Chief Tim Ledford presented Gilman with a pin and certificate at the brief ceremony.

Cpl. Gilman hails from Lowell, North Carolina and served two tours in Afghanistan.

“Cpl. Gilman was chosen for his professionalism, and initiative,” says Chief Ledford. “He relates well to the people in the community.”

Gilman has recently been selected to be one of two officers on the Canine Squad and will begin specialized training in a few weeks.

Chief Ledford said that they have selected two Dutch shepherds from K-9 Solutions, Ltd.

“The dogs were selected because they are very social animals,” says Ledford. “They are incredible work dogs, but they will be great with the public.”

Wrap Up

  • The Board Approved the following positions for the Fire Division of the Town of Mint Hill: adding the title of EMS Captain to an existing employee, and adding the title of Fire Lieutenant to three existing employees (one for each shift).
  • The Board approved the request for Mint Hill Community Church to lease space at Hoods Crossroads.
  • The Board approved the request by Nate Huggins to expand Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care located at 13001 Idlewild Road to include a 3,899 square foot addition to the existing building.  Two existing parking areas will be connected with a new drive and a new sidewalk will be installed along the frontage of Idlewild Road and Jared Court.
  • The Board approved text amendments to the town’s Code of Ordinances Relating to False Alarms. While the fee structure remains the same for false alarms, steps will be taken to prevent false alarms, which account for approximately 500 calls a year. The goal is to reduce the number of false alarms by providing public trainings and relying on SIA Control Panel Standard CP-01 which allows the alarm company to contact the alarm site to attempt to determine whether an alarm signal is valid before requesting law enforcement dispatch.
  • Sandy Barnett was nominated and unanimously approved for the Park and Recreation committee.
  • Mickey Ellington reported that he attended the ribbon cutting at the Clear Creek Rehabilitation facility. He said it was beautiful and hoped more Board members would go out to see it.
  • Richard Newton also attended the ribbon cutting.
  • Town Manager Brian Welch announced that Chery Smith was hired to take the position vacated by Michelle Farrar when she became Town Clerk.
  • Welch also announced that we would not be getting any NCDOT Tourism signs for the Korean War Memorial.
  • The Republic of South Korea has donated books on the Korean War. The books are free to anyone that wishes one, but it is preferable to give first opportunity to Korean War veterans. Welch will let the public know when and how to obtain a book as soon as they have arrived.