By Michele Dotson

Brett Ford

Brett Ford

Long-time Mint Hill resident and 1988 Independence graduate Brett Ford is ringing in the New Year with a promotion at AT & T. This is Ford’s second promotion since joining the company in 2000.

“My first position for 10 years was a Service technician,” says Ford. “Then in 2010 I became a Facility Technician working on everything from the cut wire in your backyard, the jack in your bedroom that quit working, DSL, networking, high speed data lines and everything in between.”

Ford’s new position is a Specialist-Network Control in the AT&T Network Operations organization. He will oversee the circuits that handle the cellular traffic all across the country.

“It is a management position which came with a raise,” he says.

This is good timing for Ford, whose wife Madonna, a former surveyor, is beginning her student teaching in mathematics at Rocky River High School.  Additionally, Brett is finishing up a BA in Networking Administration.

Ford is excited about the opportunity to work inside for a change, and not have to travel for emergencies. His two previous positions kept him out in the elements and helping out any place in the country that needed it.

“One time in 2010 I worked 36 hours straight in January on a cut cable over in the Southpark area, and it was 10 degrees outside, windy and rainy,” says Ford. “The furthest I went was to Kentucky in 2010 for help with an ice storm that crippled the entire state.”

Ford has another reason for keeping close to home.

He has, since 1998, worked all over the Charlotte area as a clown.

“In 1995 I met someone that asked if I knew how to walk on stilts,” says Ford. “I decided to try because the pay was astronomical. From there I developed a clown character, and another, and another and 19 years later, I have 10 characters. I have performed at over 1350 parties, festivals and different events. My new position is more static and I should be able to plan better to accommodate more clowning.”

The Fords have two daughters, 12 year old Reagan, who is into cheerleading, and 11 year old Peyton who has been dancing at Charlotte School of Ballet for eight years.

The Fords also raise Bengal kittens for those who would like to have a cat, but are allergic.

How does Brett Ford keep his career on track, take care of his family and continue his commitment to the art of clowning?

Ford says, “I believe in God first, family second, and everything else will fall into place.”