By Michele Dotson

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 2.09.32 PMAll eligible citizens should exercise their right to vote. Make your vote count by casting your ballot for Mint Hill Commissioner (you will get to vote for four), mayor (Mayor Biggers is running unopposed), and one school board member.

In an effort to bring the past few months’ worth of campaigning into focus before heading to the polls on November 5, here is a brief review of the candidates.

Mayor Ted Biggers is running unopposed. He was first elected mayor on 1999 and has overseen the transformation of Mint Hill’s steady and constant growth, fought for one high school for Mint Hill students, led the formation of the Mint Hill Police department and was instrumental in bringing in a town manager.

Lloyd D. Austin is currently the Mayor Pro Tem and maintains Mint Hill needs to keep a watchful eye on its interchanges.  “We want the right kind of business,” he says.

Dale Dalton “I want to become involved in our local government to ensure that Mint Hill keeps the small town appeal while safeguarding potential growth.”

Carl “Mickey” Ellington is a current Mint Hill Commissioner who wants all residents to have access to clean water and sewer services.  

Rich Ferretti is a real estate professional and president of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce who believes it is important for Mint Hill to court the right types of businesses for our interchanges, but work to grow small businesses in town.

Harry Marsh is an attorney who is running for the first time.

Brenda McRae is currently a Mint Hill Commissioner who has a long-standing record for watching out for the citizens’ interests; whether it’s paying for ambulance service, or making sure everyone has had the chance to be heard, McRae helps sets goals and achieve them.

Richard (Fig) Newton “I support town growth with reasonable and fiscal control.  I want to keep our town family friendly, maintaining that “southern” hometown feeling, while making sure we stay progressive for future generations.”

Eric Random

Katrina (Tina) Weaver Ross is known for her keen, critical eye on documents and budgets. She spearheads several committees, including Sunday in the Park and the efforts to save Bain Academy.

Bolyn McClung is running for District 6 CMS School Board. He has had several years of experience on various school board task forces, with the most recent focus on time and resource management. He has stated emphatically that he is against giving school boards the power to levy taxes. He supports teacher salary increases.

Paul Bailey is running for District 6 CMs School Board. Bailey says he will focus on increasing teacher pay and ensuring that all students have access to technology.

Doug Wrona is the only teacher running for office.