Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.31.52 PMThe Mint Hill Police station was open for business on Monday, September 23 at its new location in the former town hall building.

A few small problems were reported, but, according to Police Chief Tim Ledford, the transition has been smooth.

“We have a couple of locks not working,” says Ledford. “We had a leak in the men’s locker room that was taken care of this morning, and the phones were not working properly.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.31.58 PMAll minor inconveniences that haven’t dampened the excitement of the move.

The Board of Commissioners approved the renovations of the former Mint Hill Town Hall in March, 2012.

The architects worked hard to make effective use of the space in order to provide the police department with what they need to do their job effectively.

“We went from about 5,000 square feet to 7,800 square feet,” says Ledford. “In the old building, we had to put three units together to make one, and it wasn’t very effective.”

In addition to a larger office for the chief, there are larger, more modern work stations for the officers, a volunteer work station, security fencing around the back of the property, two kennels for the police dogs, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and a roll call room with state of the art multi-media capabilities for training and keeping up with current situations in the community, such as weather bulletins or emergency situations that may break over the local news.

The entire project, including approval, planning and construction took about a year.

Town Manager Brian Welch announced at the September 12 commissioners meeting that the project was coming in on time and on or under budget, and will save the town over $5,000 a month in rent, the cost to rent the former police station.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and public open house sometime in the near future. Chief Ledford hopes this date will be set at the September 26 commissioners meeting and will happen sometime in early October.