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Mint Hill, Mecklenburg resolve fire tax overpayment

By Derek Lacey / Staff Writer

Mint Hill town staff and Mecklenburg County staff have come to an agreement to remedy the overpayment made by the County for the fire service district tax.

The solution would defray the approximately $176,000 overpayment made to the town from the county, due to a miscalculation in projected tax revenue from Mint Hill’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, or ETJ, which the county estimated at $500,000, but which turned out to be only around $276,000.

The overpayment would be defrayed against a payment of $175,000 which was made to the county by the town a few years ago, to keep the Mint Hill branch library afloat.

Both Bobbie Shields, interim Mecklenburg County manager and Brian Welch, Mint Hill town manager, have been authorized to enter into the agreement to defray the payment by their respective boards.


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Mint Hill ice cream truck nationally recognized

By Derek Lacey / Staff Writer


Karen and David Trauner started their business Stick and Cones Ice Cream to do more than the average food truck and more than the average ice cream truck.

“We created a menu that we felt would be different, we didn’t want to just be a soft-serve truck that threw on Reese’s Pieces and Oreos, we wanted to aim for something a little more eclectic,” Karen said.

They were recently recognized for that extra effort and uniqueness by and their foodie website as one of “15 Cool and Innovative Ice Cream Trucks.”

Their “Cones” truck, one of two that they own, was recognized by the website, citing its use of homemade baked goods and innovative recipes.


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Construction causes road damage, confusion

By Derek Lacey / Staff Writer

Construction traffic from a development in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Mint Hill is damaging roads and unnerving residents of a neighboring subdivision, routing through their streets to prevent damage to their own roads.

The development, located on Hough Road, across from Arlington Baptist Church, first began construction around 2008, when they caused the same problem. Construction traffic has recently started again, further damaging Meadow Hollow Road, the road used to reach the development from the rear of the property.

Vincent Ammirato, a resident of the neighborhood and street is working to get to the bottom of the issue and find out why construction traffic is using his neighborhood to access the new development, causing  damage to Meadow Hollow Road, while avoiding roads within the development itself.


By |July 3rd, 2013|Around Town|11 Comments