The Mint Hill Board of Commissioner worked through stormy conditions and a long power outage to hold a public hearing for the 2014 budget, hear an update on a proposed development and appoint new members to town boards, among other business.

The Board of Commissioners adopted the 2014 budget, as recommended by the town manager, Brian Welch, at the last budget workshop meeting. The finished budget came out balanced, and tax rates and vehicle tag fees will remain the same.

During the public hearing for the budget, Dale Dalton was the only speaker from the public, saying, “I just want to thank Brian and the Board for coming up with out budget and not raising taxes or anything, I think you ought to be commended for what you’ve done.”

Welch spoke about Mecklenburg County’s ongoing revaluation and how it would affect the budget, saying that the town could expect to lose around $80,000 of revenues as a result of the revaluation.

After the budget hearing, a public hearing was held for a conditional zoning representatives of Mint Hill Commons, a proposed development at 11628 Lawyers Road, presented their case, requesting a conditional zoning district.

The development is being built by Stiles Corporation, and the anchor store of the development will be a Publix grocery store. Developers needed the Board to approve their conditional zoning district for a number of issues, and an exception to allow a drive-thru at Publix.

The developers have since presented their case to the planning board June 17, and will return to the Board in July, for final decisions regarding the development.

The terms of Planning Board members Tony Long, Mary McMahan, and Richard Newton, along with ETJ member Roger Hendrix, all end June 30 this year, and the town re-appointed all members whose terms were expiring.

Manager Welch spoke to the board about possible solutions to the fire service district tax overpayment, and how the town may have worked out a plan to present to the county.

The county made an estimation error regarding to the ETJ, or extraterritorial jurisdiction of Mint Hill, and overpaid the town for fire services by approximately $183,000. Welch said the County Board of Commissioners seemed to be leaning toward requesting repayment from the town, via an extra penny of taxes on residents in the ETJ, for the county to collect.

Welch and members of Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department and Idlewild Volunteer Fire Department met to create a plan to present to the county. The plan states reasonings against a flat repayment or tax increase, and proposes a deal, balancing the overpayment against the town’s payment of $175,000 to keep Mint Hill Library afloat.

The town passed a motion for Welch, Jerry Mullis, of MHVFD, and Jay Alexander, of IVFD, to recommend a solution to and enter into an agreement with the county, which states that no repayment is warranted, since it was the county’s mistake, that it isn’t fair for members of the ETJ to pay more in taxes because of that mistake, and if they do insist on the repayment, to defray the overpayment with the monies that Mint Hill paid for the library.

A resolution for road improvements via the North Carolina Department of Transportation was read and adopted, and the Board also chose furnishings for the new Police Department renovation, choosing a similar style to that of Town Hall.