Board discusses peddling, graffiti at May meeting

The Mint Hill Board of Commissioners discussed graffiti and peddling at a short meeting May 23.

The issue of graffiti was first brought to the council a few weeks ago, after some property in town had been vandalized with spray paint. The Town is looking into ways to establish a town policy for cleaning up graffiti, and instructed town staff to procure estimates of clean-up cost.

Mint Hill Police Chief Tim Ledford speaks to the Board of Commissioners about graffiti abatement in Mint Hill at the May 23 Board of Commissioners meeting. PHOTO BY DEREK LACEY

Mint Hill Police Chief Tim Ledford speaks to the Board of Commissioners about graffiti abatement in Mint Hill at the May 23 Board of Commissioners meeting. PHOTO BY DEREK LACEY

Town manager Brian Welch informed the board that the cost to the town for the clean up of 25 square feet of graffiti would cost $500, with labor, time, and equipment all accounted for within that cost.

Board members further discussed specifics of a potential ordinance, including the definition of graffiti, time allotted for property owners to clean up the graffiti themselves, and punishment for persons caught vandalizing property with graffiti.

Police Chief Tim Ledford advised the board on current procedures to deal with graffiti, and some ordinances used

by other towns and cities in the area, saying that Matthews and Charlotte allow a time period of 48 hours for clean-up before the municipalities step in to clean the graffiti at cost to the property owner.

The board then directed Welch to look at ordinances adopted by other towns dealing with graffiti, and to report back to the board, so that those ordi- nances may be evaluated before Mint Hill moves to establish one.

Discussion then turned to updates to the town’s code

for peddlers, defined by the town as, “any person who travels by any means from place to place or door-to-door of residences with an inventory of goods, wares, or merchandise who sells or offers to sell the same at retail and who delivers the identical goods, wares, or merchandise.”

Town attorney Kevin Bringewatt opened discussion, explaining why the ordinance needed to be updated, “We’ve had a few questions from a couple different attorneys representing a couple different companies, who have raised questions about the legality of our existing ordinance.”

The changes would be that commercial door-to-door sales would become allowed, as long as the person were to register for a license with the town. Licenses would be renewable, last for a period of 90 days, cost $35, and a background check would be conducted before issuing the license,

which would come as the form of an ID badge to be worn by the license holder while going door-to-door in Mint Hill.

The board expressed concern with the badges, not wanting to imply that the Town endorses products being sold by peddlers or solicitors.

The ordinance does not apply to certain organizations including civic, governmental, and religious organizations.

The board unanimously approved the recommended changes to the ordinance.

The town also revealed the full June Tunes schedule; June 1: Lindsay Nicole, June 8: Horsefly Band, June 15: Tsunami Wave Riders, June 22: LIFE, June 29: Alien Radio, and July 3: Queen City Brass Band.

At the end of the meeting, commissioners held a closed session to approve the minutes of a May 9 closed meeting.

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