Submit your Mother’s Day story!

Mother’s Day is May 12 and we want to hear why your mother is special. E-mail us in 100 words or less what your mother means to you. You may also send us a picture. Email: or post it on our Facebook page. You may also mail us your story to PO Box 690577, Mint Hill, NC 28227. The best story will receive a gift card and will run in our Mother’s Day issue May 9.
The deadline for submissions is May 6, 12 noon.

One comment on “Submit your Mother’s Day story!
  1. I would like to thank my Mother (Terry) for raising us 9 kids and for saving our dads (Ron) life. In 1992 my dad was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease. He was told he would only live for a few more years.
    My mother did a lot of researching and forced him to go on special diets that helped to prolong his life. In 2004 his kidneys stopped working and he had to go on dialysis and he had to stop working. He was put on a donors list for a new kidney but that could take years to find a match and he didn’t have the time to wait.
    None of my brothers or sisters were a match for a transplant, out of the 4 boys and 5 girls seven of us have the disease so we are unable if we could. My mother asked the doctors to test her, but they kept saying that she wouldn’t be a match because she was not related. After being persistent with the doctors they Finally did test her and found that she was a Perfect match!
    On Nov. 24, 2004 my mother gave her kidney to my dad. I feel Honored to have a mother like her with the love she has for him and our family. Since then it’s been a bumpy road but we’ve seem to come out alright. Things are different but I feel that it’s brought all of us closer as a family. She has always been here for us in the good and bad times. we love her so much that words can’t express the love we have for her. I would like to show her how much we love her.

    The Manley Family Bryan,Adam,Ethan,Chris,Amber,Kelly-Ann,Terry,Ron,Aimee,Danielle,Jennifer

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