This Thursday, the first Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce Business Expo will bring together consumers and businesses in Mint Hill in one place.

Free to attend, the expo will be held from 4—8 pm at Blair Road United Methodist Church Family Life Center.

Businesses and consumers will have the chance to get acquainted with local business leaders, and learn what types of businesses operate within the Mint Hill community, especially businesses that the regular consumer may not encounter on a regular basis.

“There’s really two directions with this, it’s to generate opportunities for businesses to network with consumers within this area,” said Boyd Davis, with the Chamber of Commerce. “Also, it gives our businesses an opportunity to network with other businesses that they’re not familiar with.”

The event is focused on the same three areas that the Chamber itself is focusing on, network, expand, and generate.

Different areas of the expo will be separated into segments, categorized into groups of similar businesses.

The expo has one title sponsor, Sam’s Club, and three sponsors for the separate areas, who will have stage areas and the opportunity to present a commercial or demonstration during the expo, which are BB&T, Scott Clark Toyota, and RelyLocal.

Workshops were offered in February, leading up to today’s events, hosted by RelyLocal.

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