Dalton Taylor updates the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners on the status of Mint Hill Madness. PHOTO BY DEREK LACEY

Dalton Taylor updates the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners on the status of Mint Hill Madness. PHOTO BY DEREK LACEY

The future of Mint Hill Madness took center stage again at the Mint Hill Town Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday, March 14. It is official, there will be no Mint Hill Madness in 2013.

Dalton Taylor, a member of the organization formed to head Mint Hill Madness after the Chamber of Commerce gave up management of the annual festival, presented the latest updates on Madness, and asked the Board to approve a landmark date change.

The Board voted to approve the date change, from the regular date in September, to Memorial Day 2014.

Time was the driving factor to move Madness from September 2013 to May 26, 2014. The change in leadership took up critical money-raising and planning time, and to keep the September date, the town would have had to cover the cost itself.

“I realize this year, we are behind the power curve so to speak, in getting things done in a timely fashion to make the festival a success this fall. I wish it was different,” said Mayor Ted Biggers.

The date change was an unanimous decision among the Mint Hill Madness board, but not so among the Board of Commissioners, with Commissioner Tina Ross, who has been a part of the festival since the beginning, opposing the date change.

“Mint Hill Madness hasn’t always been in the fall, it started out in the spring,” Ross said. “And we just couldn’t make it work in the spring, there were too many ball games, we tried working with the athletic association so the kickoff for spring ball season would be the same day as Mint Hill Madness, and we’d recognize all the teams, and as soon as they were recognized they were gone. So it became apparent after several years that Mint Hill Madness needed to be moved.”

The move to Memorial Day will not be the only change the future Madness festivals, which, in all likelihood will be relocated back to the Park on Fairview.

“We’ve done it at the Park for a lot of years, and there were reasons to come downtown, and I loved it downtown personally, again it’s more of a space issue and logistics,” said Dalton Taylor, a member of the Madness board, citing space issues, and the relocation of the Mint Hill Police Department to the old town hall. The decision on where to hold the festival has not been officially made.

The board voted unanimously to adopt the resolution to transfer maintenance of streets in Ashe Plantation subdivision from the North Carolina Department of Transportation to the Town of Mint Hill. The resolution states that since the town already maintains a portion, and NCDOT has expressed willingness for the town to take over the streets.

The board presented the Earth Day proclamation, officially recognizing April 22 as Earth Day. Board member Brenda McRae read the proclamation: “Now, therefore, I, Ted Biggers, Jr., Mayor of the town of int Hill, North Carolina, on behalf of the Board of Commissioners do hereby proclaim Aprill 22, 2013 as Earth Day in the town of Mint Hill,” said Biggers. The proclamation urged “all citizens, businesses, organizations, schools, clubs, congregations, neighborhoods and families to participate in Earth Day Activities and engage in environmentally sound practices every day.”

A public hearing was held on Petition #ZC13-3, filed by the Town, requesting a text amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance to modify floodplain regulations to reflect new floodplain maps, include new definitions, and provide clarification. The Planning Board will meet on the matter Monday, March 18, and it will come back to the Board of Commissioners Thursday, April 11.

The Board authorized Town Manager Brian Welch to negotiate and execute a contract with Mecklenburg County to lease office space in the Town Hall to the county. The County would like to rent rooms 203, 205, and 206 from the town, for the price of $2,000 per month.

In preparation for the upcoming Mint Hill Police Department project, the town approved the construction manager at risk contract, the construction manager at risk plan for compliance, and adopted capital projects ordinance, all related to the Police Department Construction. The Board of Commissioners appropriated a total of $2,043,036 for construction of the Police Department, divided into expenditures for construction, furnishings and moving, design, owner’s contingency, and special inspections/testing.

The town approved Petition #ZC13-1, a request by Gibraltar Asset Management Services, to amend text in section 7.3.3 of the Unified Development Ordinance, which dictates exterior materials of homes in Conservation subdivisions. The Planning Board sent a favorable recommendation to the town to adopt the amendment after their meeting in February. The amendment changes the text in Section 7.3.3 from “Exterior materials shall be brick, stone, stucco, or cementitious fiber board or shakes with no more than fifty (50) percent of all houses within the development being of material other than brick. Mortarless brick is prohibited.” to “Exterior materials shall be brick, stone, stucco, or cementitious fiber board or shakes. At least 50 percent of homes shall have brick and/or stone on all four sides of the home, with the exception of approved accent materials on the architectural elements such as gables and dormers. Mortarless brick is prohibited.”

The town approved petition #ZC13-2, an amendment to the conditional zoning application process, requested by the town, which changes the application procedures for Conditional Zoning, allowing applicants to know if their project is approved at an earlier point in the process. The request was first presented to the board at the Developer’s Workshop, January 10, by Chris Isaacs, of the Isaacs Group. The public hearing was held February 14, and the request was reviewed at the Planning Board’s February 18 meeting. The Planning Board unanimously voted to send the Board of Commissioners a recommendation for approval of the request.