The Mint Hill Women’s Club will hold their regular monthly meeting February 11 at 7pm at the Mint Hill Town Hall.

The meeting will feature Josephine Hicks, a local, award-winning author and attorney, presenting “What to do or say when we don’t know what to do or say.”

Hicks won a Gold Medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2011, a competition which included more than 4,800 books.

We all feel helpless when someone we know or love is diagnosed with a serious illness or is in a debilitating accident. Josephine will offer practical tips – things that are easy to do and are enormously helpful. She will present them with honesty and humor, as she does in her book: “If There’s Anything I Can Do – What You Can Do When Serious Illness Strikes.” Each chapter focuses on a topic such as communication, phone calls, food, visits, flowers, what to say or not to say, and other issues that face patients, caregivers, and their friends.”

A copy of Hicks’ book, which costs $14.95, will be raffled. The book is available from Park Road Books, and can be purchased at and

Hicks will sign books at the meeting, and offer them for sale as well.