This Spring, the first Mint Hill Chamber Business Expo will bring together consumers and businesses in Mint Hill in one place. 

The expo is free to attend, and is scheduled for March 14, 4-8 pm at Blair Road United Methodist Church Family Life Center. 
The event is focused on the same three areas that the Chamber itself is focusing on, network, expand, and generate, ideas expressed in the logo, created by Sandy Barnett. 
Businesses and consumers will have the chance to get acquainted with local business leaders, and learn what types of businesses operate within the Mint Hill community.
“There’s really two directions with this, it’s to generate opportunities for businesses to network with consumers within this area. Also, it gives our businesses an opportunity to network with other businesses that they’re not familiar with,” said Boyd Davis, Chamber treasurere.
The expo also aims to include businesses that may not regularly come face-to-face with their customers or other businesses. 
“We thought the business expo was a good way to connect not only businesses within Mint Hill,” Davis said. “But maybe there are some businesses out there that don’t have a brick-and-mortar business, but would like to participate.”
Thirty businesses is the goal for the expo, and at the time of this writing, only eight have signed up, but Davis is optimistic that they still have plenty of time, and will reach that goal. 
Different areas of the expo will be separated into segments, categorized into groups of similar businesses. 
The expo has one title sponsor and three sponsors for the separate areas, who will have stage areas and the opportunity to present a commercial or demonstration during the expo. 
Sam’s Club will be the title sponsor, and so far, one area sponsor, Scott Clark Toyota, has registered.
The Mint Hill Chamber Business Expo will be unique in offering workshops leading up to the event for participants to get acquainted with each other and ready for the expo.
RelyLocal will be hosting the workshops February 21 and 28, from 5č6:30 pm at Hope Christian Church. 
“If you want to get the most out of an event like this, you need to come to the workshops,” Davis said. 
For more information, or to sign up your business for the expo, visit and click on the logo for the business expo. The deadline for registration is February 28.