DaVita Dialysis, a national Fortune 500 company with nearly 2,000 U.S. locations, opened a new facility in Mint Hill, located on Hawthorne Drive.

DaVita, which was founded in 1999, now serves about 150,000 patients and 41,000 employees nationwide.

The Mint Hill location opened November 5, and in the little more than two months of operation, is serving 19 patients with a staff of 11 people, all experienced in dialysis treatment, and they are currently looking to hire another nurse.

The facility has 18 stations, and is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, offering hemodialysis treatments, but as word spreads and interest widens, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday shifts will become available, as will more care capacities, like peritoneal dialysis.

Tracy Rodgers, facility administrator, is pleased with the early progress of the center, and is looking forward to expanding operations.

“We’re slowly getting there,” Rodgers said. “We opened November 5, and within about two-month time, we’re up to 20 patients.”

To date, the center is only certified for 10 of the 18 stations they have, but as their patient base expands, they will apply for new certification. The facility could eventually handle as many as 90 patients.

An open house is scheduled for Tuesday, January 24, featuring a tour of the center and refreshments.

Invitations are being sent to local doctors, politicians, nursing homes, transportation companies, and businesses in the area.