Young Miss Shelby Stegall, Little Miss Brinkley Housand, Tiny Miss Braylin Huneycutt Back row: Baby Miss Charley Stegall, Teen Miss Lelia Mallouky and Miss Mint Hill Madness Ashley Olive. PHOTO COURTESY OF JULIE SHILLINGBURG

This year, the members of the Mint Hill Madness Beauty Pageant are bringing the spirit of Thanksgiving to those in need.

Bringing together all the necessities of a Thanksgiving meal, from whole turkeys to sides and desserts, pageant members gathered food to bring homeless families a full Thanksgiving.

This is the second year the pageant has donated Thanksgiving meals to those in need, and this year, eight families will be getting a meal; seven receiving laundry baskets full of food, and one, without the ability to cook, receiving a gift certificate to Cracker Barrel.

Members that helped gather food are: Tiny Miss Braylin Huneycutt, Baby Miss Charley Stegall, Little Miss Brinkley Housand, Young Miss Shelby Stegall, Junior Miss Carson Gravely, Teen Miss Liela Mallouky, and Miss Mint Hill Madness Ashley Olive.

The girls either went shopping and purchased the food themselves, or gathered donations for the meals.

“I just like to stay involved with my community and help out the people around us,” Mallouky said.

Twila Quattlebaum is the school counselor at Bain Elementary, and helped the girls to identify the families in need.

“They put together these laundry baskets full of everything from bread to desserts to sides. It was amazing,” Quattlebaum said.

A simple gesture like a Thanksgiving meal can go a long way for a family who struggles to put food on the table everyday.

“It’s support, it’s nourishment, it’s just food on the table,” Quattlebaum said.

Miss Mint Hill Madness Ashley Olive was responsible for collecting the seven turkeys, and explained her desire to help, “It’s Thanksgiving. No one wants to be hungry on Thanksgiving.”