The new home of Daphne’s Simply Southern Bakery on Matthews-Mint Hill Road is ready to serve treats to the Mint Hill com- munity. PHOTOS BY DEREK LACEY

Daphne’s Simply Southern Bakery, which has been serving confections from their location in the McEwen shopping Center at 11211 Lawyers Road since 2008, will be starting a new tradition at 7609 Matthews-Mint Hill Road.

Equipment and supplies were moved to the new location and set up Monday and Tuesday, and Daphne’s was serving treats from their new home by Wednesday, October 10.

Since buying the building in April of this year, Daphne’s has been gearing up to move the operation to the new building, originally constructed as a bank.

Adding a wall here, removing a wall there, installing pink floors and turning a vault into a pantry, the building eventually began to look more like a bakery than a bank.

“We bought the building in April, so we’ve been working on it and working on construction and everything since then, and as far as moving, that’s pretty much been in the last week,” said Daphne Mullis.

The crew at Daphne’s has turned an electronics room into a consultation office and a bank lobby into a dining area.

The move has so far gone without a hitch. The only problem, as of move-in day, was a temporary setback of getting the refrigerator through the back door of the new location.

Connie Long, of Daphne’s, said the main thing the group is looking forward to is having more space for storage, customers, and in the kitchen, as well as having their own private parking.

“Right now, we’re very limited to refrigerator space, customer space, storage space, everything,” Long said.

Eventually, the plan is to utilize the extra space by adding a coffee shop, and hopefully, by the beginning of next year, to start serving light lunches.

A grand opening is scheduled for Friday, October 19, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 3 pm, light refreshments, and baked goods available until 9 pm.