Regina Ziliani is one of the lucky people who can say she does what she loves every day.  She has been playing and learning about music since a young age, and has taught music lessons since 1988.  Her teaching career grew into a successful business; after overtaking her house she decided to open Charlotte Academy of Music, located on Idlewild Road where it’s hard to draw a distinction between Mint Hill, Matthews, and Stallings.

Charlotte Academy of Music opened in 2008, and although other area music centers are closing their doors, the academy is gaining students and thriving.  Ziliani attributes that to the family atmosphere provided by her staff.  Faculty are university trained music professionals who are personable to customers of all ages – the academy is open to children and adults

Classes offered at the Charlotte Academy of Music include piano, guitar, voice, strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion, as well as ensemble classes like a children’s choir and glee clubs.  Students have the opportunity to perform in recitals, the informal Blue Note Lounge concerts, and nationally recognized auditions.  The academy has over 350 students who practice in nine studios with professional equipment and a small library of music.

Ziliani and her staff understand the educational opportunities given to those dedicated to music.  Recently, Mint Hill resident and academy student, Hannah Williams, was named a state finalist in the N.C. Music Teachers Association Piano Contest.  Ziliani has assisted her advanced high school students with college applications and program auditions, which helps students earn scholarship money and receive the best education.  Even if her students intend to study something other than music, she explains to them that by highlighting their musical endeavors they can set themselves apart in the application process.

“Many of our academy families have been with us since we opened our doors, and it is a pleasure to see how music has enriched their lives.  With music study students not only learn a valuable lifetime enriching skill, but also learn time management, self-confidence, discipline, and much more,” said Ziliani.