Charlie and Jane Burdick celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, August 4 at the Mint Hill Historical Society.  Their family and friends traveled from across the U.S. for the occasion.
The Burdicks were married Saturday, August 4, 1963 in Minnesota.  They have two daughters and five grandchildren.  They met their senior year at the University of Minnesota and married when they were 23 years old.
The party had an old-time southern feel.  The historic buildings, folk band, and gospel singers Karen and William Lindzy Washington provided the ambiance.
Dinner was provided by a caterer and served in the schoolhouse, and a bar was on site.  Tables and chairs were set under a tent, lit by strings of lights.
The Burdicks both volunteer at the historical society.  Charlie works on the grounds and Jane as a docent.  It’s a special place for them.
“We wanted to share it with our friends so that they would pass the word along and so that people would be aware what a unique place this is.  A year ago we realized that our anniversary was going to be on a Saturday, and we were married on a Saturday.  So we were trying to think of what we could do, and we thought lets do it at the historical society, because we love it.  It was a way of introducing our friends from River Hills to Davidson to Union County to this place,” said Jane.
“She’s the school teacher, she’s in the store, she’s in the doctor’s building; she knows all there is to know about this stuff, and she’s very quick to volunteer,” said Shirley West, secretary of the Mint Hill Historical Society.
The historical society hosts birthday parties, anniversaries, and weddings.  For more information, contact the Mint Hill Historical Society at 704-573-0726 or