National Public Radio’s Morning Edition recently aired a story about a report published by the Chronicle of Philanthropy regarding the geography of charitable donations.  Morning Edition looked at the data on a national level and found that lower-income Americans donate a larger percentage of their money than do the wealthy.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy explained that it obtained tax records from the IRS for 2008 and looked at charitable claims.  They only looked at data from households making $50,000 or more that year.  This study does not give the most accurate picture of charitable giving, but it can show general patterns of giving, both economically and geographically.

The top three most charitable states are Utah, D.C., and Mississippi, and the three lowest are Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  The study provides data by nation, state, and zip code.  So where does Mint Hill stand?

The zip code 28227 shows a total contribution of $23.6 million in 2008.  The median income was $49,888, and the median contribution was $3,144, meaning the percentage of giving per household was 6.3.  Mecklenburg County was at 6.7 percent, North Carolina was 5.9 percent (ranked ninth nationally), and the nation was 4.7 percent.

The study provides data for 28227 by income level as well, and the numbers support Morning Edition’s story about lower-income households donating a larger percentage.  Mint Hill households making $50,000-99,999 a year donated 7.6 percent of their income; those in the $100,000-199,999 range donated 5.7 percent; and those making $200,000 or more donated 5.8 percent.

Mint Hill’s neighbors in Matthews (zip code 28105) gave six percent of their income and a total 2008 contribution of $31.8 million.  Indian Trail (28079) gave 5.1 percent.