Construction on the new Town Hall is nearing completion.  The two-story building is currently awaiting carpeting, stucco finishing, and sidewalk brickwork.  Major construction is practically finished, and the installment of smaller details is underway.

Upon entering the building through the front doors, visitors will be facing the entrance to the assembly room.  The new assembly room is larger than its present counterpart.  The Board of Commissioners’ long desk is set, made of a dark wood that matches the doors.  The ceiling stretches through the second floor, taking over the entire center of the building.  Still to come are the fabric wall coverings.

The hallways wrapping around the assembly room on both the first and second floors are open to the public.  The hallways on the back of the building are for artwork, and gallery lights have been installed.

Offices are accessed through key cards and are located off of the public areas on the left and right of the building.  To see a town staff member, visitors can go to the receptionist windows located on both floors.

Since the building was designed to last 50-100 years, some of the offices will not be immediately occupied.  A space is provided for a possible administrative assistant to the town manager, and open offices can be used as conference or training rooms.

The monumental granite stairs, the more utilitarian back stairway, or the elevator give access to the second floor.

Finishing up the outside construction involves adding stucco and laying the brick walkways in the front of the building.  The outside materials were chosen in part due to their durability and low maintenance.

Energy-saving motion sensor lights were installed in the offices.

“They were smart when they spent their money,” said Edifice project executive, Scott Fandel.  “I think they did a good job of planning for the future.”