Deadly crash on Bain School Road

Mint Hill Police released a statement early this morning that Wednesday at 7:53 police dispatched to a fatal single vehicle crash.  The car struck a tree in the front yard of 12601 Bain School Road.  A male was ejected from the car and was found lying on the ground.  He was pronounced dead on the scene.  Two other males were in the car.  One was transported to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte by air, and the other was transported by ground.  One of the men has life threatening injuries.  The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Major Crash Investigation Unit is working with the Mint Hill Police Department to investigate the incident.  Police believe speed and alcohol are factors.

Update: The names of the men involved in the accident have been released.  Enrique Omar Ochoa, 23, of Mint Hill, died at the scene of the accident.  Cameron C. Thomas Wells, 18, and Brandon Scott Smith, 19, of Mint Hill, are in critical condition at CMC.  Sergeant B. A. Beck of the Mint Hill Police Department is leading the investigation, which is ongoing.

3 comments on “Deadly crash on Bain School Road
  1. Call me crazy but people should not die in a car crash on a road that is 35 mph. There is also no excuse for not wearing a seatbelt. As a car enthusiast and race car driver, I have a healthy respect for speed and for the consequences of poor judgement behind the wheel.

    Sadly at this point the only thing we can hope for is that others may learn from this tragic loss of life so that it might not happen again. Such a sad, sad thing. Wow.

  2. The driver was drunk FYI and doing 80 mph, that’s why the passenger was thrown from the vehicle. Maybe you should know all the facts before you judge.

  3. Excuse me but you can shut up and keep you mouth shut about what you don’t fucking no he was speeding yes and he was drinking but there was a lot more to it that that like the weather on that specific day was horrible so keep what you don’t know to your self and I guarantee you mr race car driver I’ve driven faster on a actual street that you ever will on your little race track so shut up

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