SonFest: Mint Hill’s summer carnival

St. John Neumann Catholic Church is kicking off summer by hosting its second-annual SonFest starting this Friday.  The church invites Mint Hill to celebrate summer and the community for this two-day festival.  It will run Friday from 5-10 pm and Saturday from noon to 10 pm.

The parking lot will hold about 10 carnival game tents, a dunking booth, a 40-foot ferris wheel, inflatables, and a bungee trampoline, among other attractions.

And it wouldn’t be a fair without food.  International foods representing the diversity of the parish and the community will be available: look for Italian, Hispanic, Vietnamese, Eritrean, Polish, and American foods and a desert tent.

To continue the international festivities, various cultural dancers will perform.  Come watch the Mexican ballet, Irish dancers, Polish dancers, and Middle Eastern belly dancers.  There will also be performances from contemporary Christian bands.

SonFest-goers will have the opportunity to enter the I’m Feeling Lucky Raffle.  Tickets are five dollars each or 25 dollars for a book of six tickets, and prizes include 200, 500, or 2500 dollars in cash.  The drawing will be held at the outside stage Saturday at 9 pm.  Prizes are also available through the silent auction, and include a beach and mountain getaway.

SonFest tickets are 20 dollars for 25 tickets when purchased in advance.  Games, rides, and food require one-dollar tickets.  Patrons can show their support for SonFest by purchasing an event t-shirt for 12 dollars.  Money raised supports the church’s efforts, but event chairman Anthony Morlando says the event is more than that.

“The main reason is to pull together for our community and to create a tradition for Mint Hill,” said Morlando.  “We want to go beyond our church boundaries.”

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3 comments on “SonFest: Mint Hill’s summer carnival
  1. From the name of your event, SonFest, it looks like this is only for Dads, Moms and sons, not to include daughters. Now, you may think this is something that should be overlooked, but after reading all of the information you have on AOL’s Local News, it is evident that you are highlighting Summer, not sons. Do you see my point?

    Having an “o” in the first word most definitely should be changed to a “u”, so your event reads, SunFest and not SonFest. Do hope you consider this when you have your next one!

    Best wishes……………………………………Louanne Peterman

  2. Hopefully, you did receive my first comment. After hitting the “Submit Comment” nothing seemed to be happening and then this blank space came up, with my name and email address already filled in above. This is confusing. Many thanks,
    Louanne Peterman

  3. Louanne, our festival is for everyone regardless of race, sex or creed. As a Catholic Christian community, we have named it “Son”Fest in honor of our Lord and Savior, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. We would love to welcome you to our humble festival this weekend, there is a little something there for everyone.

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