New restaurant provides new experiences

A new restaurant and bar is opening next week on Brighton Park Drive off of Matthews-Mint Hill Road.  Dunwellz Custom Kitchen and Pour House took the old Rookies location and will open its doors the week of June 11.
“We’re going to offer something that Mint Hill doesn’t have,” said owner Jimmy Toler.  He and his wife, Missy, own Dunwellz and have decades of restaurant experience between them.  They have a five-store plan, and Mint Hill is their first location.

Dunwellz Custom Kitchen and Pour House opens its doors next week. The new staff of 48 cooks, waiters, and bartenders will be ready to offer customized food and American microbrews next week.

So what is it that Dunwellz offers that Mint Hill doesn’t have already?  First: a diverse beer selection.  Microbrews are a growing trend in the United States.  According to the Brewers Association website “The number of craft brewers has gone from eight in 1980 to 537 in 1994 to over 1600 in 2010.”
There are several bars in Charlotte where the adventurous can find these brews, but Dunwellz is bringing them to Mint Hill— and in numbers.  The current drink menu lists 29 bottled microbrews and six on draft.  The draft beers will always be from North Carolina breweries and will rotate seasonally, and curious customers can order a flight to taste all six at a time.
“I hope [the people of Mint Hill] at least try it, because there are some really comparable North Carolina beers to some big names out there and they just don’t know.  And the North Carolina beers are cheaper, and you’re supporting your local economy,” said Toler.
The first line-up of draft beers is Big Boss Bad Penny, Cottonwood Endo, Carolina Strawberry, Highland Gaelic, Old Meck Copper, and Lonerider Shotgun Betty Wheat.  Some highlights of the American bottles are Bells Two Hearted, Dogfish Head 60 Minute, and Sweetwater 420.  More mainstream beers are welcome, too.  Budweiser, Yuengling, and Guinness are among the domestics and imports available in bottles.
But Dunwellz isn’t strictly a beer bar—they will have liquor and wine.  And it isn’t strictly a bar.
Its second unique offering to Mint Hill is its customizable food menu.  Toler spent years developing the Five Guys restaurants in Charlotte.  It’s a fast food-style customizable burger joint.
“We’re taking that kind of customization and putting it in a full-service environment.  The whole menu’s built that way,” said Toler.
Customers can order wings, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and kids’ meals just the way they like it.  The bread, meat, extras, and sides are all customizable, and nothing on the menu will be more than $10 and all of the bread comes from Artos Bakery in Charlotte.
Toler sees Dunwellz as a restaurant with a bar, not a bar that serves food.  As a parent to young children, he wanted to create a family-friendly environment.
“We’re really trying to fit in to the community,” he said.  He did his research at the baseball fields, talking to residents about what they want in a restaurant.
Dunwellz intends to make good use of its patio with large picnic tables and umbrellas, corn hole, and live acoustic music.
Bring your buddies, your kids, or your dog and welcome Dunwellz to the neighborhood next week.

16 comments on “New restaurant provides new experiences
  1. Just great. More drunks on the road, just what Mint Hill needs. Hey MHPD, I hope to see weekly sobriety (DWI/DUI) checkpoints!!! Start with O’Neils on Friday night.

  2. Looks like Mary’s idea of fun is to sit at home and complain. Just remember that misery does not love company… I think that this is a great idea to make Mint Hill more diverse. Mint Hill has only a couple of okay restaurants. For the most bar all of the bars are dive redneck hang outs. It seems like this restaurant is going to be a lot like Hawthorne’s… As this article states that this is not going to be a bar with a restaurant.

  3. I’m super excited about Dunwellz!!! As a mom of two children, I think this will be a great way to meet everyone’s needs!

  4. I’m really excited for this place to open. Been wanting a place like this to come to Mint Hill. We need a place that appreciates great food, craft beer, and families all at the same time. Have been a little dissapointed in the culture that some of the restaurants around here have created, so hopefully Dunwellz really can be “different”. Oh and Mary, I live in the neighborhood so you won’t have to worry about me driving after a couple good IPAs.

  5. If you have to add alcohol to have fun, you are a sorry bunch.

    Smitty, yeh – you live in the neighborhood … I got a bridge to sell you …

    MHPD will step up DWI arrests. Drinking and driving is a serious offense.

  6. How about this … Mary, you can stay at home and write negative things on the internet… sulk in your own misery while me and the rest of the Mint Hill community enjoy good food and a few nice beers at this awesome new establishment. Just because a place serves alcohol doesn’t mean it’s a beer slinging dive. This place will be a great place to bring your family and enjoy a nice dinner. I’m personally estastic…. and I bet you anything that you will see some of the Mint Hill Police and Fire Depth here enjoying a frosty cold one after a hard day of work :-)

  7. Mary, I got some other exciting Mint Hill news for you. Harris Teeter is moving into where the Lowes is currently and guess what, they’re going to sell alcohol! Just because people have a beer or two doesn’t mean they are impaired. Its not illegal to drink and drive, just illegal and, albeit, unsafe to drive drunk. That I do not agree with.

    Can you build that bridge directly to my house so I don’t have to walk on the dangerous streets of brighton park on my way home?

  8. This is the same place people were shot right? And its not going to be a bar? how are you gonna turn those people down because thats not what what you’re looking to be? Good luck!

  9. Has anyone tried this place out? Was trying to find a menu/website on this place and couldn’t find anything.

  10. Ha! Everything is under $10 until you add toppings! Every topping is an extra charge. May as well go cross the street to the supermarket and buy your ingredients.Someone has to pay the rent on that place why not you?

  11. Looked forward to trying this place with my family after reading about the owners backgrounds and being close to us in Mint Hill. We went tonight and must say we were disappointed to say the least. Pricing was high on the menu items, which if we had to we could live with, but the serving sizes were extremely small. We informed the waitress of our thoughts and the manager never even came out to speak with us.

    I run a small business myself, and would love for them to succeed, but unless they change their pricing or serving sizes I don’t give them a year. Hopefully they will read this and improve their business model.

  12. Wife and I dropped in last night, very impressed, bright atmosphere, plenty of friendly and hospitable waitstaff, nothing like before “at this location”… should please everyone, and toppings aren’t extra, very nice kids menu. Lo and behold they also offer soft drinks, tea and water. I would encourage anyone to visit.

  13. I have visited many (more than I will admit) times. Great, concerned owners, plenty of staff offering good service. Atmosphere fits Mint Hill well, I do see a restaurant with a bar. The patio is a plus. I appreciate the fact they stress the local brewers. I have enjoyed the salad and turkey burger. The wings were overcooked, and I like mine crispy. The chicken tenders a bit too heavily breaded & boring. Would like a few more healthy sides (less carbs). These are just my opinions and I have been to other establishments that have been in business for years with worse food, service and atmosphere. Great job for a new opening…great for Mint Hill. Good Luck Missy & Jimmy!

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