Bain Elementary School will hold its annual patriotic  performance May 25 at 9 am in the school’s parking lot.  Second graders, directed by music teacher Noreen Hofmann and dressed in red, white and blue, will sing eight songs to express gratitude toward the United States and those who serve it.
The patriotic program ties in to the second grade reading curriculum, which focuses on America.  Every grade has a musical performance each year, but according to Hoffman the second grade show is especially moving.
Butler’s JROTC color guard will present the flag, and the second grade student body will lead everyone in the National Anthem.  Other songs will include “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and “This Land is Your Land.”  
A memory board of the names of servicemen and women who could not be present or who have passed will also be presented and honored.  Bain staff and the second grade were invited to add names to the board.
Parents and honored guests have been invited to attend.  Hoffman said sometimes grandparents who served have come dressed in full uniform.  Honored guests are called to stand while the children sing “You are Our Heroes” to them.
“The words are just beautiful and very touching,” said Hofmann.  After the children sing to them, the veterans and service members are presented with small flags.  “It’s very moving.”
Honored guests range in age from newly enlisted to World War II veterans.
“You tell the children what the flag represents and that day they really see it—that people are willing to lay their lives down for it.  We can’t say thank you enough,” said Hofmann.
Community members are encouraged to attend and advised to bring a lawn chair.