Over two million voters turned out for North Carolina’s primary last week, 178,533 of which were in Mecklenburg County.  Mint Hill residents had the opportunity to vote for the Democratic or Republican presidential and gubernatorial candidates, commissioners for District six, the North Carolina State Senator for District 41, and the North Carolina constitutional marriage amendment.
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney won their parties’ nominations.  Romney received 65 percent, Ron Paul had 11 percent, and Santorum had 10.
Walter Dalton and Pat McCrory won their parties’ nominations for governor, with 45 percent and 83 percent, respectively.
Republican Bill James won against Ed Driggs for District 6 County Commissioner candidate.
“The people of District six deserve someone who will stand up for them against attempts to consolidate them with the city, put low-income housing in their midst and try and bus their kids across Charlotte,” said James.
Republican Jeff Tarte won as the NC Senator candidate for District 41.  Three issues he intends to focus on are tax reform, transportation, and education.  He wants to clean up the county tax revaluation process, see I-485 completed and widened based on population and congestion, and he is a “huge supporter” of Senator Berger’s education reform.  He said he will spend as much time in Mint Hill and Matthews as he does in the other towns in the district, and he wants to spend more time in the district than in Raleigh.
Mecklenburg County was in the minority as it was one of the few states who voted against Amendment One with 54 percent against.  North Carolina voted for the amendment with 61 percent of the vote.  The amendment states “marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in the state.”