Mint Hill is home to two talented, high-scoring lacrosse players–and they’re sisters. Austin and Cassie Brown have been playing sports their whole lives. You may have seen them at the Mint Hill Athletic Association fields. But basketball, baseball, and field hockey did not catch them like lacrosse did.
Introduced to lacrosse by their aunt, Austin and Cassie have been playing the sport since middle school. Both girls are on the Providence Day varsity team and are two of the top scorers, accounting for 56 percent of the team’s goals.
They have been practicing together since they were young, which has proven to be very beneficial.
“Most of my assists are with [my sister],” said Cassie.
“I can throw passes to Cassie that I know no one else can catch,” added Austin.
The Providence Day team is ranked fourth in the state.

Austin, a senior this year, was offered a scholarship to play lacrosse at Coastal Carolina University. The program is new for next season, and welcomes 20 other freshmen like herself. She intends to study sports management. During high school she made All-State three times. The award has not yet been announced for this year, but the Browns’ father believes both girls have a good shot at it.
Cassie may not follow her sister in her college endeavors. She could pursue other interests, like equestrian sports, and wants to experience college outside of North