Pillars were erected last Wednesday and Thursday at the NC Korean War Veterans Memorial at Mint Hill Park on Fairview.  The pillars are engraved with 789 names, each one a North Carolinian soldier missing in action from those three years of war.
The next phases of construction include installing a fountain in the center representing the taegeuk of South Korea’s flag, laying granite pavers, positioning four granite benches around the fountain, and planting encircling cherry trees.

Pavers, benches, trees, and tree markers are available for purchase.  Supporters of the memorial can honor veterans of any war with commemorative inscriptions while at the same time contributing to the memorial’s construction.
The Korean War Veterans Association NC Chapter 265 spearheads the project, and has been able to raise $400,000 of the $500,000 needed for the memorial.  Members Don Putnum and Bill Reid, both retired Air Force veterans, were present for the pillar installation.
Pavers are still available for purchase, and Putnum believes they are a great way to honor loved ones.
“Many people are cremated today, and this will be a place for them,” he says.