New Beginnings Community Church gave away gas for 334 cars on Good Friday.  Cars lined up on Idlewild Road and Margaret Wallace Road for $15 in gas at the corner Sonoco.  In all, the church spent $5160 in gas.  It also gave away free water and popcorn.  Funding was provided by the church and its members.
The gas event’s brainchild, senior pastor Michael Henderson, was out of town, but his wife and church executive minister, Twanna Henderson, was present.  She is affectionately referred to as First Lady.

Supplying free gas was not a ploy for membership.  The church has more than 4,000 members from across the Charlotte area.  Henderson explained they simply wanted to give back to their community.
“Good Friday was not good for Jesus, but we can make it good for everyone else,” she said.
Community involvement is at the heart of New Beginnings.  The church regularly provides services including EOG tutoring for students, volunteering at shelters, and providing monetary support for Lebanon and Independence Schools’ Teacher of the Year award recipients.
Henderson expressed her gratitude toward Sonoco for allowing them to provide refreshments and a space to celebrate and give back.  She hopes the church will be able to have the event next year.