The Mint Hill Board of Commissioners met Monday evening for a preliminary budget meeting. The board heard from Parks and Recreation, the Planning Board, and the police and fire departments.
Parks and Recreation requested various equipment, including a sweeper truck, a water tank which is currently borrowed from the fire department, a straw blower, a stump grinder, though it was said it could be just as effective to pay for that service, and a Bobcat utility vehicle. Parks and Rec is asking for a total of $387,000.
The Planning Board’s budget looks very similar to last year’s. Last year it received $323,360 of the budget, and this year it is asking for $323,961. Costs include vacant positions, a reassignment of a planner to senior planner. A senior planner would be authorized to make decisions and support the department since jobs have been cut on the county level.

The Mint Hill Police Department is asking for $235,000 for six new Dodge Chargers. The department plans to sell six older vehicles to keep the total number of vehicles at 39. The department also wants to hire a civilian employee as an evidence technician. This employee will also need a truck for carrying evidence.
The Fire Department is asking for $150,000 to hire three new people, and another $30,000 to provide a part-time employee with a full-time position.
Town Manager Brian Welch would like to hire an intern to help with the pedestrian plan to construct more sidewalks. The town is also considering changing the recycling plan from weekly 18 gallon tubs to 96 pound roll-out containers every other week. The details of recycling changes will be investigated further.
The board reviewed Welch’s recommendations of funds to community groups. Groups receiving money include the Mint Hill Athletic Association, Idlewild Fire Department, and the Mint Hill Arts, among others.
The town will continue to review the budget. The next budget workshop is May 23.