The Board of Commissioners continued discussion on an appeal regarding a junk vehicle code violation. The code allows one junk vehicle to sit in the backyard with a cover. Ruthie Marciante’s property on Nelson Road has been declared in violation as it had three.The general statues defines a junk vehicle as one that does not display a current license plate, is partially dismantled or wrecked, cannot be moved in the manner it was intended, and/or is at least five years old and worth less than $500.

The original board appeal hearing was February 9, and the solution was to park two cars in the garage and cover one. The status report indicated the Honda is in the garage, the Cadillac is parked, but the Oldsmobile is still in violation. Other potential code violations were mentioned, but the focus of the meeting was on the car indicated in the current appeal. Marciante was given the options to move the car into the garage or off the property, or to register and tag the vehicle in North Carolina. She described the bureaucratic difficulties faced in determining correct vehicle registration. Due to the confusion surrounding vehicle registration, attorney Kevin Bringewatt was asked to contact the DMV with the details of this appeal. Marciante agreed to comply with one of the options by the next meeting, May 10. She worries her compliance will not be the end of her code difficulties. The status report presentation mentioned other vehicles in question. “It’s like every time I do one thing, I’m told something else,” she said. “It’s a never-ending thing… It almost feels like a personal attack.”
Mayor Ted Biggers ensured Marciante his staff did not intend to hurt her and they would continue to work with her.