A Mint Hill police officer shot a man off of Hoodridge Lane Wednesday evening at around 9 pm.
An emergency operator received a call from a man claiming to be suicidal. As 911 operators were on the phone with the man they heard a gunshot and lost the connection. Mint Hill Officers were dispatched to the scene. While en-route the man called 911 back and was crying and said there were children at the house and then said if officers arrive he will kill himself. He hung up again.
As officers arrived in the area the man was located at the corner of Hoodridge Lane and Matthews-Mint Hill Road. The man fired approximately four rounds in the general direction of the officers and then turned more towards the officers with a weapon in his hand. One officer shot and wounded the man. He was transported Carolinas Medical Center.
The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting. The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave with pay, which is standard procedure.