By Joyce Lavene
Hundreds of police officers will assist Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police during the Democratic National Convention in September. Mint Hill Police officers will be right there with them.
According to Mint Hill Police Captain Scott Hall, officers from Mint Hill will take part in the event. “We are still waiting to see how they will utilize those officers,” he said. “But they will be there.”
Officers tagged for the event have been put on reserve status for now. There will be at least five officers and a supervisor at the event which will bring people from all over the country to the area.
There is training involved, Hall said. At least riot control and probably executive protection training. “All officers learn these things as part of their training but there is a minimum amount of riot training for regular police. Some officers who have been here for years were also able to receive a refresher course.”
Police officers from all over the state have been called to assist from almost every law enforcement agency. They will be paid for by the Democratic National Convention and the DNC committee. The City of Charlotte obtained a $50 million security grant to pay officers and to purchase new equipment for the event.
So far, the city has spent $594,000 on renovation and an upgrade to the 3,000-square-foot police command center uptown that will be used to coordinate DNC security.