The Mecklenburg County Schoolboard last week appointed Rev. Amelia Stinson-Wesley╩to fill the District 6 seat left open by Tim Morgan who was elected as an at-large member of the board last year. Stinson-Wesley was one of 12 candidates who wanted the seat . She was sworn in on January 10.
Stinson-Wesley is a United Methodist minister who said in her application, “I am committed to public education. I believe that our schools, particularly our public ones are where basic citizenship is fostered. I am committed to this community and its future; with the impending selection of a new school superintendent, I want to be involved in this community and the decisions that affect my children, our children collectively, and the future for us all.”
A resident of Pineville, Stinson-Wesley founded World Connections for Women in 1998 and serves as its director. She holds a master of divinity from Duke University and a bachelor of arts degree from Meredith College.╩She was also a member of the Mecklenburg County Child Protection team. She was chairperson of the Burke County Task Force on Domestic Violence and a member of the Burke County Child Fatality/Child Protection teams.
Stinson -Wesley was a surprise vote because she was a newcomer to the crowd of familiar faces who wanted to fill the District Six seat for the next two years, including a former schoolboard member. She is also a Democrat, and even though the schoolboard is nonpartisan, it was expected a Republican would be selected to represent the heavily Republican areas south of Hwy. 51.
Stinson-Wesley has worked as a pastor and a missionary in locations around the world like Cambodia, India, Thailand and Australia. Currently, she is the stay-at-home mom of Kyra and Evan.
Her husband is Rev. Thomas Stinson-Wesley who volunteers at Pineville Elementary School and the Upward Basketball Camp and League.
In her application, Stinson-Wesley said, “I would like to see the resources more equitably distributed among the schools in District 6. I’d like to see if we can capture some of the amazing involvement that we have in District 6 and spread that around the district.”