Aviation Structural Mechanic First Class (AM1) Robert Orzescu who lives in Mint Hill has been named Raleigh Navy ROTC Enlisted Recruiter of the Year.
Orzescu was looking for a way to do more with his life eight years ago as well as a chance to serve his country. He chose a career with the United States Navy and traveled around the world in countries including Malta, Dubai and Bahrain.
He worked on board aircraft carriers as an aviation structural mechanic. He is responsible for the overall maintenance on aircraft and performing daily, pre-flight, post-flight and other periodic aircraft inspections.
In 2009, Orzescu decided to become a recruiter where he could continue to aid the Navy’s mission. He has been able to help dozens of people realize their potential through careers in the Navy.
“The main reason I decided to become a recruiter was to help people,” he said. “The Navy changed my life in ways nothing else could have changed it. I interact with people who have all different experiences and different goals.”
Orzescu has been winner of the NRD Raleigh NROTC Enlisted Recruiter of the Year award two years in a row. He also claimed the 2011 Warrior Challenge Recruiter of the Year, Winners Circle Award and was part of team of recruiters who won Large Station of the Year.
He is motivated by a deep desire to help others achieve more than they thought possible. Orzescu is not only a successful recruiter but a community leader and role model to area youth. He has participated in numerous humanitarian projects while on deployment and, since returning home, has volunteered with local middle schools, homeless shelters and veterans’ organizations.
Orzescu is originally from Brooklyn, N.Y. but he and his wife have settled down in Mint Hill. He lives in the Blair Road area. “We wanted something different and enjoy the old rural feeling we get from the area. We are next to a big city but have the peace and quiet of the country.”
Of winning the Recruiter of the Year, he said it’s not in the numbers itself, of how many people he recruited. “A lot of people approach me with their goals. I help them find programs. I try to take that extra step that maybe other people wouldn’t take.”
Orzescu recruits mostly at high schools in the area but the Navy recruits people from the ages of 17 through 39. He said there is no specific target age. He enjoys telling people about Naval scholarships that are available. He said there is an award trophy with an eagle on it for winning recruiter of the year and that the award showcases hard work.
AM1 Orzescu once volunteered at Richard’s Coffee Shop in Mooresville, a military friendly living military museum.  Every year there is a “ Rolling Thunder “ event where Veterans start riding from this coffee shop and pick up other veteran riders along with a POW/MIA Display truck and all ride to D.C. He was involved in the flag detail ceremony also called “Colors”  where the National Ensign is raised in the morning and all stand at attention and salute while the National Anthem is played.
“I visited and swapped stories with World War II veterans who have been through incredible things in their day,” he said. “It was an unforgettable experience sharing this comradery with these veterans  who have contributed so much to our country and I was proud to show them how my service to the Navy helped carry on the traditions they themselves started so long ago.”