A three-judge panel ruled last week that the May 8 primary stands as scheduled despite a law suit challenging new legislative and congressional voting districts.
Challengers of the new districts created last year were hoping the primary could be moved to July 9 so that they could further debate the new districts that support Republicans in court. This decision probably means that the new districts will be used in November’s elections.
Campaign filing is due to begin on February 13 at noon. Sen. Bob Rucho of Mecklenburg County said this is a good thing.  “All the confusion is gone,” he said.
Lawyers could still appeal the redistricting to the state supreme court but there has been no announcement of that as yet. Redistricting is common every 10 years after a Census is taken. No redistricting has ever successfully been overturned in the state.
The new maps will give Republicans an opportunity to affect change in their favor over the next 10 years and win more state and federal seats for themselves.  Urban interests will take the place of primarily rural interests in previous years. The changes reflect the state’s growth that brought people to urban areas and saw rural areas lose population.
In the meantime, Cornelius Mayor Jeff Tarte officially announced that he will run for the newly created District 41 which runs through Mecklenburg County, from Davidson to Matthews and Mint Hill. Tarte has frequently said he would run for the office but had waited until this month to formally announce his intentions.
Tarte has worked with the parks commission and transportation commission in the county.
John Aneralla from Huntersville announced that he will run for the district. Both men are Republicans. In 2010, Aneralla ran for the District 40 seat now held by Sen. Malcolm Graham. Aneralla said he has endorsements from 35 state and local leaders.
Aneralla is an investment advisor who served as chairman of the Republican County in Mecklenburg from 2004 – 2007.
Tarte will kick off his campaign on February 7 in Cornelius then travel to the Matthews/Mint Hill area to begin campaigning there. There were no plans available for Aneralla as yet.
There is still plenty of time for others to announce their candidacy for this  district which is said to be one of the hot spots in the November elections.