Presbyterian pushes Mint Hill hospital opening to 2018

At the August Mint Hill Chamber meeting, Roland Bibeau, President of Matthews Presbyterian Hospital, presented the bad news: there will be another delay to building the Presbyterian Hospital on Hwy. 24/27 just outside of Mint Hill.

“Things are bad out there,” Bibeau said. “The population is stagnant and the same thing is happening with healthcare. We have a guaranteed date of 2018 to the state.”
Bibeau said the plan now is to stagger the hospital building process and allow the economy time to catch up. “The property has water but no sewer. Homes and businesses haven’t come as quickly as everyone thought they would, so no sewer yet. The state has agreed to put off our Certificate of Need for our 150,000 square foot facility. It would be  a tragedy to build it now.” Continue reading

Mint Hill Madness Dog Show returns this year

Mint Hill TimesThe Dog Show returns for this year’s Mint Hill Madness on Saturday, September 24. The new sponsor is Monroe Hardware. Mike Witt, the store manager, said that a dozen people have signed up already for this event. “There are fun categories, with people enjoying their dogs and having fun,” he described the event.
The categories include Best Wagger, Best Trick, Best All Around, Best Groomed and so on. Purina Mills, Nutrena and Diamond pet products will supply the judges and are co-sponsors of the event with Monroe Hardware.  The event will take place at 2 pm.
The dog show will be held in the Monroe Hardware parking lot at 6912 Matthews Mint Hill Road. If you are interested in signing up for the event, you can do so online at by clicking here: Dog_Show_Flyer_2011.
There will also be a Dachshund race with early registration online and registration at 3:30 pm the day of the race. The race will take place at 4 pm.
The Chamber will also sponsor a free petting zoo in the same location on Saturday, from 1 pm to 5 pm. There will miniature horses, donkeys, rabbits, goats and pot belly pigs for the kids to play with.


Local Businesses: Forrest and Forrest Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Forrest and Forrest Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is celebrating its tenth anniversary of providing dental care in Mint Hill and Matthews as a family dental office. Drs. Brad and Stacy Oller Forrest are a husband and wife dental team dedicated to your dental health and wellness.

Mint Hill Times

Brad and Stacy Oller Forrest

Both graduated from University of Louisville School of Dentistry and later married. Brad and Stacy made the decision early on to open their own practice at Stevens Mill Shopping Center, located at Stevens Mill and Lawyers roads.
The goal at Forrest and Forrest is to make it “all about you.” They offer full-service dentistry and are committed to gaining your trust and building relationships. They are dedicated to making sure your experience is relaxed and pleasant.
“All of our staff are warm and friendly. We invite everyone to take a tour of our office and meet the staff, ” said Brad.“We have head phones and music in every room. We offer Bose comfort noise reduction headphones to help reduce all outside noise. We also have DVD players, leather dental chairs and TV monitors in every room.”
Drs. Brad and Stacy compliment each other in the dentistry field. “I enjoy doing a lot of cosmetic dentistry and she enjoys doing root canals.” said Brad.
“We often bounce ideas off each other such as diagnostics and treatment.”
Forrest and Forrest Dentistry include the routine cleanings and exams, cosmetic dentistry, children’s dentistry, oral surgery, crowns, veneers, Invisalign, root canals, implant placement and laser dentistry. They also have zoom whitening available in just one visit. They provide an oral cancer screening light called Identifi 3000 that allows them to pick up pre cancerous areas.
“We have a preventative based practice. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” said Brad. Continue reading


Independence Football Rolls Vance

Mint Hill Times

Isaah Robinson alludes the Vance defense in Tuesday's game. Photo by Mark Sward.

The Independence Patriots beat Vance 58-27 Tuesday night in Mint Hill.  Evan Guest threw for 128 yards and three touchdowns.  Austin Duke caught two touchdowns and amassed over 100 yards of all-purpose yards.  RJ Baker and Isiah Robinson combined for over 150 yards and a score each on the ground.

Indy’s offense could not have been more balanced.  Head Coach Bill Geiler wants to keep things this way as the season continues.

“I like that we ran the ball tonight.  I think we should get behind our big linemen who’ve worked hard in the weight room and say ‘we’re gonna run it over top of you, and if you can’t stop us we’re gonna keep doing it.’  It also runs the clock and gives our defense a break.”

The win gives Independence a 3-0 record on the season, and matches their win total from last year.

Indy’s “Season of Redemption” continues Friday night as the Patriots host West Charlotte.  It will be a rare contest, with both teams only having a two-day break between games.

“We’ve gotta prepare for West Charlotte who’s as fast as lightning,” said Geiler.  “They run a good offense, but we’ve got a better defense to show them.”

Kickoff at Patriot Stadium on Friday is 7:00.

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Chinese lantern plant blooms in Mint Hill

Mint Hill TimesI found some of these blooming behind the Mint Hill Town Hall. Aren’t they gorgeous?

They are called Chinese lanterns. You can see why from the shape of the flower. They are also known as winter cherry or bladder cherry.  They are a member of the nightshade family like potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. The plant is used primarily for its decorative qualities. It dries well and makes a nice arrangement.

It has been around since the 16th century, primarily in Europe. The fruit has also been harvested, mostly in the past. It was valued for many years as being rich in Vitamin C. It is actually hidden inside the lantern-like flowers. Inside each one is the fruit which resembles a cherry tomato. Seeds are plentiful in the fruit and that is how you plant them.

Sow the seeds lightly in loose soil, pressing gently. Planting inside first is best then transplant in about 14 days. They will do well in sun or partial shade. The seeds scatter when left to themselves as soon as the sepals dry. This can be a problem with so many seeds. if you don’t want them to spread, pull off the flower before they re-seed.

This plant also has a problem with rhizomes so you might want to restrict its root growth by planting it in a pot.

The plant is very pretty, delicate and colorful, especially since it is vibrant at this time when so many other plants aren’t blooming anymore. It makes a nice centerpiece, dried, for your table too.