The Mint Hill Times

In the current draft of the CLUP, the yellow area indicates areas where the town could see more dense growth.

Speakers during the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners meeting on July 21 were emotional during the public comments period. They were concerned about the new Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). Each had an opposition to “urban style, high density neighborhoods”.


Their concerns included increased congestion, less of small town feel and overcrowding. Each person said they had received a flyer illustrating these points and had taken the survey which was available on the town’s website until June 20.


A few wondered why the 2000 land use plan, which was supposed to be viable for 20 years, is already being changed.


Mayor Ted Biggers addressed the speakers when the public forum was over. “Most of the members of this board endorsed the 2000 land use plan. We are well aware of what is on it. The new plan is not finished yet. It hasn’t been officially presented to the board to be considered. The public will be well advised when we are considering a vote on that. Once board members are able to look at the survey data, we will open it to the public.”


In other matters


•  A planning board recommendation regarding a change in signs for the Carolinas Health Care, CMC Mint Hill Medical Center, created a quandary for board members. There were two options for the board to consider. Both included larger, non-conforming signs for the medical office facility. The only difference between the two plans was that one would include the downtown area and one would not. Board members were concerned about what would happen to these buildings if they were leased out to another business. There was also a question about other medical office buildings asking for the same conssideration.


When the vote came on the text amendment application, a motion to approve the first option from Lloyd Austin died for lack of a second. The second motion, to deny the request until a new sign plan for everything could be worked out, made by Tina Ross, was seconded but the vote was a tie with Ross and McRae on the pro side and Austin and Ellington against. Ellington made a motion to approve  the second option died without a second.


Finally, a motion to defer the vote to another time, after staff and CMC take another look, was finally passed by commissioners.


• A conditional use permit for Brit Haven- Hilco was granted after a Public Hearing. A site had already been approved for the assisted living center in the Clear Creek Commercial Park in 2009. The approval was for a change in that site which would put the outdoor recreation area in front of the building for atheistic reasons and move the building site to a ╩more interior location in the park. The acreage would be the same.


•An amendment to the contract between Mint Hill and the Idlewild Fire Dept. was approved with a ╩motion to create and execute. Staff will take the amended contract to the fire dept. for approval.


•Commissioner Tina Ross publicly thanked the fire dept. for the services they provide. Ross also reminded everyone that Sunday Afternoon in the Park would be held on August 28 at Mint Hill Park on Wilgrove.


• Step Into History, a ╩locally produced movie, will be screened at the Town Hall on July 30. This is a project of the Mint Hill Historical Society with a grant from the Arts and Science Council.


•There were 1,150 calls for service by the Mint Hill Police Department.


• The next board meeting will be August 18.


•The town will be accepting applications for seats on the planning board for the next 30 days.