There are perhaps no better gardens in Mecklenburg County than in Mint Hill. From Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road, Lawyers Road, Highway 51 and everywhere in between, gardens spring up with tomatoes, sunflowers, squash, lettuce and watermelons.
But what to do with all the of the vegetables and fruits you can’t consume yourself or give to your family and neighbors?
You set up a cart in your front yard and sell it. Pete Larsen has a gazebo in his front yard on Highway 218 where he sells his heirloom tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and whatever else he’s grown for the summer.
On Brief Road, there are two veggie stands within a few blocks of one another.
The Sassers have a small wagon where they are offering cucumbers for a $1 per bag.
Just up the road, Karen Aumiller put up a table a few years ago to sell some of her extra produce. All of them have jars where people can leave money for the produce they take, all on the honor system. […]