Trash dumped on Castleford Drive in the Chace Water Subdivision 4-19-11

Mint Hill Police reported last week that there is an uptick in illegal dumping of trash and debris in the town. With at least two dozen neighborhoods that have empty lots in town, and many residents cleaning homes and yards for spring, the police are asking residents to call the department dispatch to report suspicious activity.
In 2010, Mint Hill saw more than a dozen illegal dumping issues. The illegal dumping occurred mostly in undeveloped subdivisions and their streets, on vacant
lots and on properties with vacant homes. In addition, police report that there have been several issues with vandalism of vacant homes mainly at undeveloped subdivisions.
Lieutenant J.K. Rowell with Mint Hill Police said a “handful” of Mint Hill residents have noticed suspicious vehicles approaching vacant lots and vacant properties and have contacted authorities. In one incident, a resident’s immediate call to the Mint Hill Police Department resulted in an illegal dumping case pending in the Mecklenburg County Courts.

The Mint Hill Times

Trash in the Gates at Mint Hill 5-12-11. Photos were taken by Margie Nichols, Mint Hill code enforcement officer.

According to town planner John Hoard, there are about 29 subdivisions in town that have empty lots. In all, he estimates there are a little under 2,000 lots in town that have not been built but are approved.

Summerwood, for example, has 447 lots approved for homes, but only about 45 actually have homes. Cheval has just a few homes built, but there are 200 lots approved by the town. Bell Glade has 80 lots approved, but no homes yet. However, a dirt path leading into the development could allow people to get in and out with relative ease.
“Once there’s any path, people will take their trucks in there,” Hoard said.
The citizens of Mint Hill are encouraged to contact the Mint Hill Police Department Dispatch at 704-889-2231 or 911 to report any suspicious vehicles driving into undeveloped subdivisions, vacant lots or vacant homes.
Upon calling have a description of the vehicle and a license plate number if possible. Police warn not to approach a suspicious vehicle.