Mint Hill Police have been busy at Rocky River High School. The school, which opened this year, has had one of the highest arrest rates in CMS in 2010-2011. On Tuesday, a school resource officer at Rocky River received an anonymous tip that a student had several weapons and marijuana in a vehicle that was parked on the campus of the school. The SRO notified school administrators and had the suspect brought to his office. Once there, the student was advised of the information that was received and escorted to his vehicle by the SRO and school administrators. A search of the vehicle was conducted and the SRO located  approximately 17.5 grams of marijuana, a pellet gun (which resembled a .45 caliber handgun), and a 12” Bowie Knife. The student, James M. Denton, was taken into custody and charged with two counts bringing a weapon onto school grounds and one count of Possession of Marijuana, both are misdemeanors.