The Mint Hill Times

The lots in yellow along Community Park Drive will soon become a part of Stallings.


It’s not too often you see a town de-annex, but that’s what’s happening in Matthews. Nine lots on Community Park Drive will be de-annexed by the town. Stallings will in turn will take them over. Residents along the road asked to be de-annexed because it makes more sense to utilize Stallings town services and not Matthews. That’s because the street starts in Stallings, but dead ends in Matthews. Hazen Blodgett, town manager of Matthews, said in a memo that the town will  benefit in the long run, noting that it is “not conducive for the Town of Matthews to provide garbage pickup, police protection and Fire & EMS service.”

He said Fire & EMS Chief Green estimates the response time for fire and EMS to the area is an additional three minutes time from Monroe Road. The town will lose about $800 in property taxes by de-annexing.