Independence High School announced its list of award and scholarship winners for the school year. The combined scholarships awarded to Independence class of 2011 is $2,499, 330. Other highlights include: Jhymel Byrd (Berea College) was awarded a $123,000 scholarship; Lillian Coffey (Virginia State University) received a $94,200 scholarship; The Leo Club Scholarship went to Mariah Fuller ($500); The Jack Bryan Memorial Scholarship: Tetee Yancy ($500); SECU of Mint Hill “People Helping People” Scholarship: Calvary Diggs ($10,000); Mint Hill Rotary Club: Sierra Colson, $500. Academic Excellence: Michael Moua;  Perfect Attendance Kindergarten thru high school: Brandy McAbee;

The Junior Marshals (top 25 students in the class of 2012) are: Morgan Boyle, Brian Camp, Savannah Carter, Stephanie Cassell, Caterina Cocchieri, Jeffrey Coffman, Meaghen Fowler, Justin Hall, Jordyn Jackson, Carlos Matos, Erin Mullins, Jasmine Neely, Christina Nguyen, Yevgeniy Nikitin, Stuart Polk, Eric Roman, Justin Sanchez, Andrew Skerl, Kevin Sorn, Erin Standley, Amy Vanderplow, Ashley Varnedoe, Benjamin Wetherby, Kaitlyn Williams and Allen Wooten.

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Academic Scholarships: The following students have been awarded full academic scholarships by their respective schools: Diamond Cherry, Wake Forest University, Lillian Coffey, Benedict College; Geno Harris, Winston Salem State University, South Carolina State University, Bowie State University.

Partial Academic Scholarships: Shantel Boodie, Winston Salem State University, $1,000; Khadija Brown, Wingate University, $50,000; Jhymel Byrd, Berea College, $123,000; Lillian Coffey, Virginia State University, $94,200, Winston Salem State University, $20,000; Julius Crawford, John & Wales University, $20,000; Sumaiyah Dailey, Queens University, $32,000; Chowan University, $26, 280; Mekia Davis, UNC Pembroke, $29,064; Calvary Diggs, St. John’s University, $44,000; Priscilla Eguizabal, Wingate, $36,000; Geno Harris, Delaware State University, $34,000, Hampton University, $40,000; Miranda Harris, Virginia State University,
$22,000, Claflin University, $4,000; Christopher Johnson, Wingate, $50,000; Napoleon Karnley, Illinois College, $40,600; Jalen Little, Wingate, $50,000; Jennifer Malpass, Wingate, $48,000; Zillah Offei, Lenoir-Rhyne University, $9,000, Kristin Pond, Pfeiffer, $4,000; ; Kayla Rice, Wingate, $40,000; Mitchell Roberts, Johnson C. Smith University, $20,000, Malinna San, Queens University, $40,000; Kyle Sanders, Methodist University, $20,000; Precious Sheff,
Gardner Webb University, $52,600Skyy Williams, Chowan University, $15,800.

Jamie Simmons Memorial Athletic Booster Club Scholarship: Taylor Denton, Carson Plyler, Taylor Smith, Brandon Wolf, $250 each. Leo Club Scholarship: Mariah Fuller, $500. Jack Bryan Memorial Scholarship: Tetee Yancy, $500. SECU of Mint Hill “People Helping People” Scholarship: Calvary Diggs, $10,000. Assistance League of Charlotte Scholarship in memory of Tere Berigan: Calvary Diggs, $10,000. Winston-Salem State University: Shantel Boodie, $1,000. Independence PTSA Scholarship: Tiera Sherrill, $500. ACE Mentor Scholarship” Alexandrea Robbins, $2,000. Dell Scholar: Natasha Sturdivant, $20,000. Horatio Alger Scholarship: Natasha Sturdivant, $40,000. Mint Hill Rotary Club: Sierra Colson, $500. Foundations for the Carolinas: Shantel Boodie, Khadija Brown, $4,000 each. National Achievement Scholarship: Melanie McRae, $2,500. THINK College Scholarship: Adena Bethea, Shantel Boodie, Khadija Brown. EARP: Dominique Howard, $1,000.
Walmart Scholarship: Calvary Diggs, $3,000.

Athletic Scholarships: The following athletes have been awarded full scholarships to their respective schools: Adisa Batten, University of West Virginia; Taylor Cook, Newberry College; Adrian Gamble, University of Virginia; Daniel Rhodes, University of Illinois; Taylor Smith, Columbia College; Brandon Wolf, Wingate University.

Charlotte Civitan Club Citizenship Award: Shani Campbell; League of Women Voters of Mecklenburg County: Mariah Harris, Jabari Griffin, Diamond Cherry, T’Naya Hines; Charlotte Post Top Senior of Merit: Mekia Davis, Zillah Offei, Melanie McRae, Diamond Cherry, Lillian Coffey; DAR Good Citizen Award: Alexandrea Robbins
Wendy’s High School Heisman Award: Taylor Denton, Brandon Wolf; US Marine Corps Award: Athletics: T’Sheila Mungo, Roy Mewborn; Musical Excellence:
Victoria Sloan; Academic Excellence: Michael Moua.

Outstanding Student in AP Statistics – Melanie McRae; Outstanding Student in AP Calculus – Michael Moua; Outstanding Student in Computer Engineering I: Amber Jones; Outstanding Student in computer engineering II: Noel Del Real; Outstanding Student in Fashion Merchandising: Rossana Simon; Most Improved Marketing Student: Steven Mejia-Mesa; Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Jonathan Weathers; Outstanding Student in Apparel Development: Kiarra Hardin; Outstanding Student in Housing and Interiors: Cameron Wallace; Achievement in Multimedia and Webpage Design: Oscar Aleman; Outstanding Student in Business Advanced Studies: Damion Singletary; Most Improved in Honors E-Commerce: Jevonte’ Massey; Outstanding Student in Small Business/Entrepreneurship: Michale Moua; Outstanding Student in Principles of Business: Christopher Pich; Outstanding Programming Student: Pau Nang; Outstanding Networking Student: Alexander Stephens; AP Biology Most Outstand Student: Kevin Kelly; Excellence in Physics and Chemistry: Yekaterina Draga; Outstanding Yearbook Editor: Jessica Duncan; Outstanding Newspaper Editor: Calvary Diggs; Certificate of Merit in English: Taylor Garrity; Outstanding Achievement in English IV: Napoleon Karnley, Monica Hagerman; Excellence in AP English: Michael Moua, Melanie McRae; Outstanding Foreign Language Students: Viktoriia Karzukhina, Spanish; Maria Leversen, French; Joshua Bodie, German; Kevin Kelly, Chinese; Michael Moua, Latin. Best All-Around Student in Theater 1: Stanielle Collins; Outstanding Art Student: Cameron Wallace; Most Improved Theater Student: William Moore; Outstanding US History Student: Patrick Barrett; Outstanding ESL Students: Viktoriia Karzukhina, Ngun Sung, Oscar Aleman.

Communities in Schools: CIS Student of the Year: Cameron Wallace; CIS Achievement Award: Mariah Harris; CIS Citizenship Award: Adrian Gamble; Perfect Attendance Award: Derrius Suber and Kristen Fowler; Book Stipend Award: Mariah Harris, Cameron Wallace, $250 each.

Athletic Awards: Senior Athlete of the Year: Roy Mewborn, T’Sheila Mungo; Basketball: Brandon Davis, Taylor Smith; Football: Roy Mewborn, Anthony Navarro; Tennis: Kyle Blessman, Diamond Cherry; Baseball: Tyler Bridgewater; Soccer: Lauren Chavis; Track and Field: Ashante’ Harris and T’Sheila Mungo; Cheerleading: Tajmah Brown; Wrestling: Roy Mewborn; Swimming: Kyle Blessman, Kristin Pond.

Top 5 GPAs: Calvary Diggs, Melanie McRae, Michael Moua, Ethan Schmaldinst, Brandon Wolf.

CMS Scholars (3.25 unweighted GPA, one credit in arts, 4 years of a foreign language, an AP level science and AP level social studies): Zachary Jackan and Evan Sears

North Carolina Scholars: (students who have 3.5 unweighted GPA, one credit in arts, one CTE credit, 2 years of a foreign language and five electives, two of which must be secondary level): Zachary Jackan, Viktoriia Karzukhina, Benjamin McDaniel, Ayana McLemore, Melanie McRae, Michael Moua, Alexandrea Robbins, Evan Sears, Victoria Sloan, Kirsten Thibault, Raisa Verenchuk, Man Yee Wan and Jahmira Wilson.

AP Scholars: (scores of 3 or higher on 3 or more AP exams) Calvary Diggs, Mayra Fernandez, Michael Moua and Natasha Sturdivant.

AP Scholar with Honor: (3.25 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams): Ethan Schmaldinst.

Perfect Attendance Kindergarten thru high school: Brandy McAbee.

Honor Societies:

Air Force JROTC Kitty Hawk Honor Society: Patrick Barrett, Cody Cannaday, Angela Hegler, Jose Ortiz, Elexsis Trapp.

National Art Honor Society: Yekaterina Draga, Cameron Wallace, Mekia Davis, Melissa Carter, Jahmira Wilson, Sumaiyah Daily, Frederick Rose, Shani Campbell, Dominque Howard, Ariel Lawton, Alyss Jeffries

National Honor Society Seniors: Aleah Barnes, Patrick Barrett, Kyle Blessman, Shantel Boodie, Khadija Brown, Jhymel Byrd, Shani Campbell, Lauren Chavis, Diamond Cherry, Lillian Coffey, Stanielle Collins, Sierra Colson, Taylor Cook, Kyle Danzer, Mekia Davis, Taylor Denton, Calvary Diggs, Yekaterina Draga, Jessica Duncan, Amber Ewing, Mayra Fernandez, Zack Jackan, Kevin Kelly, Jalen Little, Chelsea Lopez, Kimberly Lynch, Jennifer Malpass, Ayana McLemore, Melanie McRae, Candace Mollison, T’Sheila Mungo, Zillah Offei, Montasia Purdie, Alexandrea Robbins, Mitchell Roberts, Malinna San, Tyler Sheffield, Tiera Sherrill, Victoria Sloan, Megan St. Amand, Summer Stanley, Kirsten Thibault, Brandon Wolf.

National Technical Honor Society Seniors: Shakeya Brevard, Lillian Coffey, Kyle Danzer, Taylor Denton, Alyss Jefferies, Shai Johnson, Candace Mollison, Michael Moua, T’Sheila Mungo, Erika Saravia.

Order of the Patriot Seniors: Patrick Barrett, Taylor Denton, Taylor Garrity, Marissa Schwartz, Kirsten Thibault.

Quill and Scroll International Honor Society for High School Journalists: Calvary Diggs and Jessica Duncan.

Junior Marshals: Top 25 students in the class of 2012: Morgan Boyle, Brian Camp, Savannah Carter, Stephanie Cassell, Caterina Cocchieri, Jeffrey Coffman, Meaghen Fowler, Justin Hall, Jordyn Jackson, Carlos Matos, Erin Mullins, Jasmine Neely, Christina Nguyen, Yevgeniy Nikitin, Stuart Polk, Eric Roman, Justin Sanchez, Andrew Skerl, Kevin Sorn, Erin Standley, Amy Vanderplow, Ashley Varnedoe, Benjamin Wetherby, Kaitlyn Williams and Allen Wooten.