Mint Hill Police warn of scammers

Mint Hill Police are reporting that several citizens in the town have called to verify whether the department is soliciting money over the phone. Police say they are not soliciting money over the phone, and the phone calls are the work of scammers. They said that if you get a phone call asking for money, do not provide any personal information or donate money. Anyone with further information about these calls is urged to contact Lt. Garmon at 704-545-1085.


Safety issues at Rocky River High School getting more attention

WCNC reported today about the safety concerns Mint Hill Police Chief Tim Ledford has about Rocky River High School. Two weeks ago, Ledford told Mint Hill Board of Commissioners that their radios do not work in the school. He also said that with only one resource officer at the school, Mint Hill Police are having to spend several hours every time there is an arrest at the school or the SRO needs back up.

Michelle Boudin interviewed Mint Hill Commissioner Lloyd Austin who said students and police are at risk because the school does not have the equipment necessary for the police radios to work.

As reported in the Mint Hill Times last week, Rocky River High School has seen 56 arrests from the beginning of the school year to February.