Cody Kluttz, who played for the national champion Mint Hill Chargers 8th Grade AYF team, was named AYF Academic All American today. Kluttz played both offensive and defensive lines for the team which went undefeated on its way to a third national championship in four years.

“On behalf of American Youth Football and American Youth Cheer I would like to congratulate our scholarship winners for showing leadership in the classroom. Thanks to Eastbay our Academic Achievement Alliance Partner, their efforts are recognized by a scholarship to help defray their college tuition,” said AYF President, Joe Galat.
In addition to all american honors, Klutzz won an Eastbay Athletic Sports Source Scholarship which was given to 10 other scholar-athletes on the All-American Team. To be considered for the award,  scholars had to excel in academics, sportsmanship and community. Out of 800,000 AYF athletes, Kluttz  was awarded this honor and scholarship for his outstanding education achievements. Kluttz carries a 4.0 in academics while being an honor athlete.
“Congratulations to all our Academic All- Americans.  You are an inspiration to us all.  Your hard workin the classroom will serve you well in life, as will your hard work and dedication to the sport youlove.” – Adam J Laufer Esq., General Counsel, American Youth Football