Myrick has many questions about U.S. involvement in Libya

It should come as no surprise U.S. Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) was not a big fan of President Barack Obama’s speech last night on Libya. In a statement released today, she said the U.S. needs a clear concise plan as the U.S. and other countries ramp up involvement in the Muslim country.

“Conflicting reports and interviews have been coming from members of the Administration on what exactly the goal is regarding Libya and how to achieve it. Last night’s speech from President Obama didn’t really help in finding an answer. We don’t need speeches; we need a clear, concise plan. We need to know the extent of U.S. involvement, the ultimate goal, and how long U.S. involvement will last in order to accomplish this goal. Success in Libya needs a definition.

“We also need to know who’s in charge. Is it the U.S., France, NATO, the Arab League? We should know who is taking responsibility for what actions. The lack of clear leadership is only increasing the uncertainty and the divide over our presence in Libya.

It is my hope that the answers to these yet unanswered questions are made available by the President and his Administration soon”.

One comment on “Myrick has many questions about U.S. involvement in Libya
  1. I wish Ms. Myrick would pay more attention to ou countries domestic problems. She seems more focus on foreign matters while her constituents at “home” are hurting.

    At time I wonde if she has any answers for the domestic problems and focus so on forieign matters as a meams of diverting the American voters attention.

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