Matthews Police update last month’s fatal motorcycle accident

Matthews police have updated the information on the accident between an SUV and a motorcyle in February that killed two people. Craig Anderson (37) of Monroe and passenger Tiffany Johnson (24) of Matthews were pronounced dead shortly after the accident.

Police thought that the person driving the SUV at the time was Gloria Escobar of Charlotte. However, they learned that she was actually the passenger and the driver was 37 year old Alfredo Luna Morales of Charlotte.

See a picture of the SUV after the accident here.

Morales has been charged with resisting a public officer by obstructing or delaying an investigation and driving without an operator’s
license. Warrants were issued for Mr. Morales and he was arrested for those two misdemeanor charges. Morales is being held in the Mecklenburg County Jail on an immigration detainer for not being a legal resident of the United States.

The SUV was making a left turn from Hwy 74 East to go into the parking lot of Northern Tool located at 12527 E. Independence Blvd. It was struck by a motorcycle traveling west bound at a high rate of speed. The force of the impact caused the SUV to overturn and trap the occupants. An investigation has been on-going since the crash occurred.

Police also determined that the motorcycle was traveling 89 miles per hour before it struck the SUV. The motorcycle went 103 feet after impact and the SUV traveled 66 feet. The findings in the report state that the driver of the motorcycle contributed to the collision by exceeding the speed limit. Mr. Morales contributed to the collision by being inattentive and failing to yield the right of way.

No other criminal charges will be made in this case.
2 comments on “Matthews Police update last month’s fatal motorcycle accident
  1. Finally, they at least got the driver of the SUV right. Although, I don’t understand how they say the car treveled 66 feet after impact and the mototcycle traveled 103 feet after impact…I was on the scene and they were only 10-15 feet apart.

  2. You’re right, Debra. We were right behind them and the SUV shot up and flipped essentially in place. It landed about where it had been hit, still in front of the driveway of Northern Tool. A lot of the motorcycle’s forward motion ceased and landed even with the utility pole on the western side of the scene.

    They didn’t include the fact that there were absolutely no brake marks from the motorcycle.

    I wonder how Gloria is?

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