Debbie Hartman has been named the Town of Matthews Employee of the Year. Debbie has worked for the Matthews Police Department since 1998. Her fellow coworkers nominated her for this honor because of her compassion and care for women who are victims of domestic violence as well as going the extra mile for her fellow employees.

The Mint Hill Times

Debbie Hartman

Debbie worked as a dispatcher with the department from 1998 to 2010 when she became the administrative assistant in the Criminal Investigations Division.
She constantly volunteers to accept additional responsibilities beyond her normal daily duties such as filling in other positions when employees are absent.
Her true calling has been to accept the role of Domestic Violence Advocate at the department. Debbie monitors incidents of domestic violence in the community and when she learns of a person who may be in this situation she contacts them in a confidential manner.
“I just let them know that we are aware there may be a problem and that we are here for them. I give them resource information and help them as much as they want to be helped,” Debbie said. “Due to a knee injury I was not able to fulfill my dream of being a police officer but this job gives me the opportunity to make a difference – to help people who really need assistance.”
“While we are fortunate to be staffed with employees who are dedicated to serving their community, it is rewarding to have employees, like Debbie Hartman, who are passionate about that commitment. Debbie has single-handedly developed our department’s Victim’s Advocacy program and leads our department’s commitment to serving victims of domestic violence,” said Matthews Police Chief Rob Hunter.
Debbie and her husband, David, have three children: Danielle, Deirdre and David II and three grandchildren, Scott, Cody and Addison.