Former State Senator Eddie Goodall, who represented the Mint Hill area before he chose not to run again last year, had some kind words for his former colleagues last week when they passed Senate Bill 8. The legislation would lift the cap on the number of charter schools in the state. Goodall is now President of the North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools. As a senator, he pushed tirelessly fought for lifting the cap on charters. Here’s his letter to the State Senate:

Honorable Senators,

The Alliance Board of Directors asked me to thank you all for your historic support of the education “little guys”, the public charter schools. Special thanks to the leadership of the sponsor, Sen. Stevens, as well as the Education Co-Chairs, Sens. Tillman, Preston, and Soucek. We are also proud of those of you speaking on the senate floor for SB 8 at the second reading Wednesday.

Our organization will be a working partner of the broad charter community that looks at a new Commission and the schools that grow from it, with high expectations, no, demands, for academic success. None of us want anything less for any of our state’s children.

However, without your political courage, the gate would remain closed for the 1.5 million children looking to you and us for help. You have never stood so tall as you did Wednesday, when you reached down to lift up these children.

Eddie Goodall, President