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Mint Hill man is a finalist in national bowling tournament

James Sampson Dixon of Mint Hill was one of 108 amateur bowlers who won the AMF’s $600 National In-League Tournament, the year’s richest amateur bowling competition. The finalists will compete for approximately $600,000 in prizes at the National In-League Tournament finale to be held in Las Vegas. More than 150,000 AMF league bowlers entered the 2011 National In-League Tournament. […]

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Matthews names employee of the year

Debbie Hartman has been named the Town of Matthews Employee of the Year. Debbie has worked for the Matthews Police Department since 1998. Her fellow coworkers nominated her for this honor because of her compassion and care for women who are victims of domestic violence as well as going the extra mile for her fellow employees.

Debbie worked […]

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Myrick has many questions about U.S. involvement in Libya

It should come as no surprise U.S. Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) was not a big fan of President Barack Obama’s speech last night on Libya. In a statement released today, she said the U.S. needs a clear concise plan as the U.S. and other countries ramp up involvement in the Muslim country.

“Conflicting reports and interviews have been coming from members of the Administration on what exactly the goal is regarding Libya and how to achieve it. Last night’s speech from President Obama didn’t really help in finding an answer. We don’t need speeches; we need a clear, concise plan. We need to know the extent of U.S. involvement, the ultimate goal, and how long U.S. involvement will last in order to accomplish this goal. Success in Libya needs a definition. […]

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Police called to Stoney Glen Drive for a third time in a week

Mint Hill Police are reporting that another robbery took place on Stone Glen Drive. This is the third time in a week that Mint Hill Police were called to this street in response to a robbery or assault. On Monday at 2:30 pm, police were called to Stoney Glen Drive, the main road in the […]

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