State Senator Tommy Tucker (Dist 35), who represents the Mint Hill area in the N.C. Senate, took a drubbing from the folks at The Progressive Pulse, a liberal public policy organization. Tucker’s questions at a recent HHS Appropriations Subcommittee drew consternation from The Progressive Pulse because they “showed just how far he has to go to get up to speed.”

Today, he posed a series of questions and statements that showed just how far he has to go to get up to speed.

His first question, posed to HHS Secretary and former Republican legislator Lanier Cansler, was about how many “illegal aliens” the Department served.

Really, Senator? That’s your first big question about North Carolina’s safety net programs?

Tucker doesn’t have a lot of political experience, and will probably admit that he has a lot to learn. But asking how much the state invests in illegal, or undocumented, people in North Carolina is a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Yes, illegal immigration is mostly a federal issue, but Tucker is asking a question that the constituents who elected him want him to ask. He may not be up to speed the way the Progressive Pulse wants him to be, but the people in Union County and Mint Hill who he represents probably don’t care.