The Mint Hill Times

From left: Hazen Blodgett, Matthews Town Manager; Annette Privette Keller, Matthews Communications Director; Jim Taylor, Mayor of Matthews; Jeff Miller, Matthews Town Board Member

The Town of Matthews won the Excellence in Service to Citizens for their Library volunteers Program. Centralina Council of Governments (CCOG) presented their Annual Awards at the Meeting of the CCOG Board of Delegates on February 9, 2011. The awards celebrate the work of member governments and honor the outstanding achievements which work collectively to achieve regional goals.

CCOG member governments were encouraged to nominate innovative projects from their jurisdictions which have contributed to significant and positive advancements in the area.

In the spring of 2010, the Town of Matthews received word from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library System that they would not be able to meet budget needs and the closing of the Matthews branch library was imminent.

The Matthews branch, along with others in the county, were slated to close and the library system was asking the Town as well as other municipalities in the county to make significant funding contributions in order to save the closing of the branches.

Each year the library pays rent to the Town for occupying the space. During a Special Meeting of the Town Board on June 21, the Town offered to forgo the rent for the library for 2010-11. This amounted to $204,000. The Town also agreed to recruit and help train volunteers, which would allow the branch to stay open a minimum of five days a week.

Centralina Council of Governments is the state-designated lead regional organization of central Carolina’s nine-
county region.